Nektr Tokens - $NKTR

The equivalent to the SLP (Smooth Love Potion) in Axie, the NKTR tokens can be used to breed Wonderman creatures in place of, or as well as, food NFTs. NKTR can be earned through PvP matches, tournaments and exploration, and it can be traded with other players.
Feed em Nektr, and let the Arcadians get SAWEET with each other.
Use cases for NKTR include*:
  • Breeding creatures
  • Buying spaceship parts
  • Entering tournaments
  • Renting creatures from the marketplace - Share of winnings. No win, no fee!
Opportunities to get NKTR include*:
  • Winning PvP battles
  • Winning tournaments
  • Completing challenges
  • Staking WNDR
  • Staking creatures to the shared marketplace
    • Creature owners receive a share of winnings from PvP battles and tournaments where their creature is used
  • Selling creatures
  • Selling ship part NFTs
  • Selling food NFTs
*Use cases are subject to change during development. Use cases may be added, or removed, and re-jigged, to help tune and balance the game.