Wonderman Nation

Official 'Wonderman Nation' whitepaper

Wonderman Nation combines the ecosystem of Axie Infinity, the battle mechanics of Final Fantasy, and the breeding of CryptoKitties for a Play to Earn game like you've never seen before.

Players earn tokens through skilled gameplay and participation in the Wonderman ecosystem, where they battle, breed, explore and discover, to advance their supremacy in Wonderman Nation.

Players can earn by:

  • Competing in PvP battles to earn tokens

  • Breeding creatures and selling them on the marketplace

  • Discovering the essential food which is needed to breed creatures during battles and selling it on the marketplace

  • Discovering spaceship parts during battles and selling them on the marketplace

  • Launching explorations to new planets and moons and discovery new breeds which can be cross bred with Arcadian creatures

  • Collecting and speculating on rare breeds

  • Winning tournaments and prizes

The Wonderman whitepaper is a living document. Keep on checking back to find out more information as it's revealed!

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