As one of, if not the, most advanced development teams in blockchain, the Alt Shift team have been seeded by GOATi Entertainment and GOATi Outsourcing, collaborating with Alt Shift's veteran game development team.

They have delivered the pioneering blockchain technology stacks, which will be utilised to deliver Wonderman Nation and its metaverse features.

22 Racing Series

The most advanced NFT game on blockchain

Launched in February 2020, as well as being the most unique racing game developed in recent history, featuring new gaming genres including 'Future Physics Racing' and 'Real Time Strategy Racing', 22RS enables players to buy NFT part packs, unpack them with transparent odd and verifiable results, combine up to 30 NFT vehicle parts in game to create a race-ready vehicle, and then use that vehicle to compete in aggregated leaderboard tournaments run across both Steam and Pavillion Hub, with winners being awarded in crypto and NFTs.

Pavillion Hub

Over 300k utility game NFTs already minted!

The world's most advanced blockchain gaming platform. Launched in April 2020, and already featuring:

  • On-demand minting - NFTs that are minted and delivered within 8 seconds of purchase

  • Cross platform play - Steam games able to connect with the Pavillion inventory and esports backend

  • Fully transparent and verifiable NFT crates/packs

  • Easy account creation

  • Multi-currency wallet

  • NFT Inventory

  • Full game delivery cdn download and patching service

  • A number of 3rd party game titles

  • In-game achievements as NFTs

  • Esports leaderboards with crypto and NFT prizes

  • Pavillion Miner - Powered by Cudos

  • Free minting and transactions for everyone

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