Wonderman Tokens - $WNDR

Token Contract Address - 0xdfd7b0dd7bf1012dfdf3307a964c36b972300ac8

Our goal with Wonderman tokens is to align the incentives between the players of the game and the developers in novel and exciting ways.

Use cases for WNDR include*:

  • Buying creatures

  • Buying food NFTs

  • Using as fuel for your spaceship

  • Entering tournaments

  • Renting creatures from the marketplace - Share of winnings. No win, no fee!

  • Staking for NKTR rewards

  • DAO voting on NKTR inflation

  • DAO voting on game features and ecosystem partners

Opportunities to get WNDR include*:

  • Winning tournaments

  • Completing challenges

  • Staking creatures to the shared marketplace

    • Creature owners receive a share of winnings from tournaments where their creature is used

  • Selling creatures

  • Selling ship part NFTs

  • Selling food NFTs

*Use cases are subject to change during development. Use cases may be added, or removed, and re-jigged, to help tune and balance the game.

Note: The Wonderman Nation governance (WNDR) and utility (NKTR) tokens are designed for utility and use in the Wonderman Nation game and eco-system. These tokens will have use cases including, but not limited to, game rule governance, in-game rewards via competitions and tournaments, purchase of in-game utility NFT items, the breeding of creatures and fuel for exploration. The Wonderman Nation tokens are not design to be a security asset, and should not be considered as a security asset. Any token value outside of Wonderman Nation could be 0, and we recommend that users purchase any tokens with this fact in mind.

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