Wonderman's gameplay is a turn based strategy game, in a 'Final Fantasy' battle style.
Choose between attack, ability, item and defensive moves at the start of your turn. Your opponent chooses their moves, and you watch the action unfold. Each creature has it's own unique attributes, allowing them to do different actions, and when combined together in a team, you can unlock new abilities and actions. The creatures that you use to build your team, and their abilities vs your opponents team will be your key to victory.

Which team will you choose?

Enter verifiable randomness - One player gets to choose their team of choice before each battle.

Team Wonderman

Team Wonderman gets the advantage of extra offense through a choice of additional weapons that can be equipped to your creatures at battle time.
With the right offense, there is no such thing as an adequate defence right? Pairing up your creatures with the right weapons, and using them in tandem with their unique abilities is the winning recipe.

Team Hometown Hero's

Team Hometown Hero's get the advantage that comes with knowing the territory, extra defence.
Their weapons might look more rudimentary, but don't let looks deceive you. They still pack a punch, and when used right, can hit just as hard.

There's treasure in them there hills!

Sure, the environments are pretty, but they're not just for looking at. You can command your creatures to utilise the environment for strategic, offensive and defensive purposes. And this is where the food and ship part treasures are to be found. So rolling that boulder over your opponents may just give you a crushing victory, and bonus spoils besides.
When you play the hometown team, your creatures know what you want, and they know what they like, so they're more likely to get the bonus of finding food.
For team Wonderman, your creatures know what side their 'Wonder bread' is buttered on. They're more likely to keep a keen eye for lost ship parts while under your command - Helping you to reach your intergalactic creature explorer goals faster.

Creature Selection

After the team selection, it's time to select the creatures that you'll be taking into battle.
Team Wonderman gets first move on the battlefield - A definite advantage right! And team Wonderman 'also' gets to pick it's first creature - Not such an advantage there. Each team takes turns bringing a creature into their team until their team size is filled.
You might have your own favourite creatures and strategies, but, depending on which creatures your opponent choose, you might want to rethink your strategy, because different creatures have different strengths and weaknesses against each other. So you'll want to get to know your creatures well.

Live Creature Marketplace

You don't have any creatures? Or perhaps you do have some creatures, but not exactly the ones you think you'll need for this face-off? No problem. You can use the live creature marketplace to pick from creatures that have been staked by other players for you to use on an occasion just like this. Staked creatures can be borrowed for battle, and if victorious, you split the rewards with the creature owner - That's only fair right!? And better yet, there's a 'no win-no fee' model. So it's all about sharing the upside.

Creature owners

Staking your creatures is a great way to give the playing community access to more creatures and more options for play, as well as being a great way to get rewarded for your troupe while not in use in your own battles.
You get to choose the rules for borrowing your creature. What's the royalty split? Do you want your creature only used by players above a certain rank?
You're in control. You get to choose when, how, and by who...m your creature is used. Or not.

Bounty Time

Once the battle concludes, each player gets their results, and takes home their bounty.
The better you do, the more $NKTR for you. And be sure to use a mix of offense and environmental defence during battles, to increase your chances of bringing home maximum bonus lootage.
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