'Wonderman Attacks' Cross-play metaverse

Just when you thought things couldn't get more awesome. They do.
Connect in on the 'Wonderman Attacks' arcade game to blast your way to super progress.
Once you've built your spaceship out of ship part NFTs (discoverable in the Wonderman battle mode, and available for purchase in the marketplace), you can then fill it with WNDR and blast off into the arcade metaverse - 'Wonderman Attacks'.
As you progress through levels, you'll come across new planets. Any planets that you discover (once you clear out the dastardly enemies) will give you the option to land on their surface to auto-grab a brand new creature of a brand 'new' breed - and yep, new breeds come with new abilities - and bring it back to Arcadia, where 'you', being the original discoverer, can then collect ongoing rewards whenever any of that creature's descendants earn prizes or royalties in future.
Over 100 new creatures to be revealed ...
Each planet will have it's own unique set of creatures
The further you advance, and the deeper you go, the rarer your potential creature bounty will be.
But like all things, with great reward comes great risk. So be careful, you'll need to decide - Do you have the skills, and enough resources, to get to the next planet? Or do you get grabbing while the grabbing getting's good!?
Whoop! Fortune favours the brave. Long live the brave explorer!